Brand stories:  Carhartt bag line relaunch.

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As the producer for this project, I collaborated with Carhartt to create a series of product videos for the relaunch of their bag line. Leveraging a working hydroelectric power plant as a backdrop, the team curated a visually compelling narrative that highlighted Carhartts' new feature rich bag line. 

My approach began with storyboarding and copywriting. Once the framework of the project was established, the setting of the shoot was determined.  The choice of a power plant as the filming location provided unique indoor and outdoor settings, enhancing the visual appeal of the videos.  Having multiple shot locations in close proximity significantly increased the productivity of each shoot day.  To add authenticity, tradespeople were hired as models, lending a real-world context to the videos. 

The media produced through this collaboration directly increased sales and visibility of the new line, highlighting each bags' durability and functionality.  By leveraging unique filming locations, authentic models, and a collaborative editing process, the team created a set of videos that lived up to Carhartt's brand standards. 

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